Lineapelle95: summarizing winter 19/20 in three key concepts. The first one is to Reflect

A bunch of tips and prompts summarized through a stimulating provocation: Reflections between Real and Fake. This is the starting point from which Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee carries out a reflection (it is no coincidence that we are using such term) in order to pinpoint the new trends as to materials, accessories and components for winter 2019/2020. They have been going through a substantial and meticulous work, which can be found in our traditional trend book (you may purchase it at Lineapelle95 or you can click here—–, which is a valuable collection of around 2,000 samples, previously selected among the ones presented by exhibitors and displayed in the Trend Areas (located at halls 9, 13 and 22), summarized by Antonella Bertagnin, supervisor of  Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee, in three key concepts, which we are going to make public today through Thursday. The first one hints at the “reflection” term, mentioned above in the early lines. Namely, “to reflect”. Bertagnin points out: “To reflect on the power of images implies that you take control over the change. It is no coincidence that Lineapelle, while setting up the trend area, has chosen a mirror to depict the multiple nuances of life, full of discrepancies and often misrepresented in its perception, just like a mirror. The fashion of materials aims at searching, in such nuances, a new balance between the simplicity of basic and fundamental elements and the generous richness of overlaps and treatments”. See you tomorrow for the second key concept.



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