Lineapelle95: summarizing winter 19/20 in three key concepts. The third one is Augmented Fashion

There we go with the third and last key concept, “Augmented Fashion”, spotlighted by Antonella Bertagnin, supervisor of  Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee, while focusing on fashion trends pinpointed for winter 2019/2020 and collected in the Reflections between Real and Fake trend book (you may purchase it by clicking here). The last suggestion drives style insight into a technology context that consistently affects our life and undergoes or thinks over sustainable hints. “Something new and powerful is floating in the air. Fashion and technology go hand in hand to support evolution towards a sustainable future. Starting from the green carpets worldwide, new paradigms become real. A demand for a new ethical approach, oriented towards a respectful protection of our planet, emerges from fashion, which pays closer and closer attention to the new frontiers of sustainability, therefore proving to be sensitive to this topical issue. Aiming at that, the new technological evolution/revolution will help fashion support sustainability”. In other words, fashion will no longer move around its “normal” dimension: it is going to be an “augmented” fashion, as life is.


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