Mipel Lab during Lineapelle: a network tied together by excellence

Mipel Lab during Lineapelle: a network tied together by excellence

13 companies, half a billion in revenue, 2,200 employees. “Mipel Lab brought with it a high-level of industrial capacity. A network tied together by excellence”. That’s how Danny D’Alessandro, general manager of Mipel and Assopellettieri, described the project created in partnership with Lineapelle and hosted Fieramilano Rho (September 22 to 24). “With this live event, we answered a need of the market that hadn’t been listened to until now. Buyers that visited Lineapelle found an additional service: manufacturing”.

A network tied together by excellence

“Covid ended up breaking the barriers of a networking mechanism that was, until now, non-applicable in the eather goods segment”, says Mr. D’Alessandro. “We created an opportunity to see the work of manufacturers, which tends to be relatively close. And it wasn’t easy to do – added Luca Bortolami of Tigamaro di Tolentino (Macerata), present at the fair -. Our presence at Lineapelle created a natural connection between manufacturing chain and materials. We are in the right place at the right time”.

Made in Italy wanted

“We received many requests from US-based startups, as well as some from Canada and the UK – says Mr. Bortolami -. Many young designers dream of manufacturing in Italy. They look for the development, prototype-making and manufacturing portions of the made in Italy chain. This means that we hit the target: communicating what Italy stands for. Those that dream of creating their own project want Italy at the center of it. There is a know-how here that doesn’t exist anywhere else”.

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