JBS case extends across America, as US detectives fly to Brazil to question the Batista brothers

Some detectives, from the United States Department of Justice, went over to Brazil to question the top managers of J&F Investimentos, the financial holding in control over the majority shares of JBS. Among others, they also questioned the Batista brothers, Joesley and Wesley, who are not allowed to leave the country. Prior to the big Lava Jato scandal, they used to be the most important players in the meat multinational corporation. As reported by Reuters press agency, US justice made an agreement with the Brazilian one to carry out investigations into the US business of JBS group. Still we do not know, anyway, what they are investigating about. In the meantime, the multinational corporation appointed Gilberto Tomazoni, an experienced manager actively playing in the meat industry and formerly hired in the group, as new chief executive officer. Tomazoni takes over after founder José Batista Sobrinho. Joesley Batista, former president of the group, who had been under preventive detention since the beginning of November, was set free in the middle of the same month.


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