Première Vision Paris does not speed up: clients look for elegance, athleisure and pricing

Someone says that this edition “is pretty much the same as the last ones. We come here to meet French luxury clients, and we actually met them. Not much more than that though”. Nobile Vignola, from Vignola Nobile tannery, located in Campania, emphasizes that “attendance has been rather slow, possibly owing to a number of simultaneous events focusing on finished products. Buyers looked a little puzzled about season timings as well”. Première Vision Leather, on the agenda in Paris on February 13-15, ended yesterday: this edition was quite a low-profile one on the whole. The event is included in a wider fair system that houses several exhibitions (some of which are very popular and visited), such as Yarns, Fabrics, Designs, Accessories, Manufacturing. “Clients were exclusively French”, say from Gruppo Dani and Conceria Misura, while pointing out that in the stand they achieved “what we were expecting to”. Roberto Tirloni, from Sicerp, clears up that “on the first day attendance was low, just a tiny better on day two: as for customers, they were mostly searching for athleisure articles at cheap prices (it’s not going to be easy to meet such discount requests)”. Likewise, they confirm such trend from Manifattura di Domodossola and Montebello tannery: Franco Dalle Mese points out that, generally speaking, we need to “investigate into potential comeback of leather in apparel, before different style trends compared to the latest seasons”. When it comes to product, “close attention to softness on the one hand – say from Samanta and Vignola Nobile – and laminates. Yet, at this point, every customer makes his own style, even though they share a longing for sparkle and gleam”. The spotlight is now on Milan, where the whole luxury and fashion industry are about to gather at the seasonal industry trade fair, on the agenda from tomorrow, 20th February, till Thursday 22nd : Lineapelle, at Fieramilano Rho, on its 94th edition.


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