The pragmatism of technology: Simac Tanning Tech works

La concretezza della tecnologia: Simac Tanning Tech funziona

Simac Tanning Tech goes ahead valiantly. The first day, which went beyond expectations, is behind. Therefore, at the international technology fair for leather industry exhibitors faced day 2, kissed by sun. Weather fair conditions fostered a lively attendance of visitors crawling around the pavilions at Fieramilano Rho. At Fieramilano Rho, the pragmatism of technology is a guarantee.

A few comments from the fair

“When we left home, we were sceptical. Conversely, things are going much better than expected. For example, yesterday, on the first day, we stayed at the fair until 7pm”, said Antonio Polato, president of Officine di Cartigliano. This year, in their stand, they focused on respect for environment and oceans; they also emphasized the sustainability of leather, compared to synthetic materials and plastic. “Expectations along with early messages scared us a bit – remarked smilingly Olimpio Storti, sales manager at Pajusco Tecnologie –. On the contrary, we are very happy about the first day: many visitors showed up at our stand and we made several connections. We hope that things will go this way today as well”.

The pragmatism of technology

Simac Tanning Tech is considerably relying on a number of pragmatic and tangible encounters. Quite relevant indeed. “All of our fears and concerns have fallen away in a few hours – remarked as well Alberto Paccagnella, managing director of Lombard Omac –. Yesterday we had an excellent day, as several clients were well oriented. We hope it is going to be a good omen throughout 2020”.

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