Visitors mean business in Milan: market is bubbly, seize the day

Fresh energies, passion, ferment in the air. And new incoming challenges. Lineapelle93 visitors see and say that Italian and international leather manufacturing wants to gear up. “Retailers are urging us – say two product developers from a mid-end footwear group -. Possibly sell-in is still a bit disoriented: we found it out on the last theMicam, as buyers were inquiring about bestseller articles rather than putting forth detailed suggestions”. By all means we will be dealing with an expanding business trend. “We are thinking about manufacturing leather ankle-boots – add both specialists -. Although it’s not one of our traditional items, the article might work”. Lineapelle visitors are pragmatic then, as one of them points out: “In my opinion, this year Lineapelle has been more fulfilling, especially with regard to accessories, compared to its past editions: many people are around, vibrations are good. I am a wholesaler and I have witnessed a lot of excitement”. On the other hand, the director of a Dutch institute for research and training emphasizes that “for the first time a group of their footwear specialists are not interested in processing leather – she says: tanneries must work even harder, aiming at innovation and communication, to keep in touch with younger professionals”.

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