Brexit, British fashion demands certainties: “The Government listen to us”

Brexit, la moda inglese pretende certezze: “Il Governo ci ascolti”

The mid-December vote marks a turning point for England. After a long season of unknowns, the country now knows that it will get to Brexit in the manner of reconfirmed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that is, the extremist wing of the Conservative Party. Precisely for this reason, British fashion demands certainties. That’s why the controversy needed to end. But the sector, which employs 890,000 people and contributes 32.3 billion pounds a year to GDP, calls for London not to isolate itself. On the contrary, by confirming its role as global capital.

British fashion demands certainties

Dylan Jones, president of the British Fashion Council (BFC) for men’s fashion, explained it to MFF. “2020 brings a new dawn for British fashion, with the clarity of Brexit now on the horizon – are his words -. The outlook must be optimistic for the fashion industry”.

Mandatory issues

For this optimism to be motivated, however, British fashion expects Downing Street not to turn its back. “We will continue to work closely with the government to ensure that the interests of the fashion industry are well represented – says Jones -. As an industry that contributes significantly to the country’s GDP, our priorities continue to be the attraction, development and maintenance of global talent”. In short, BFC wants everything except an isolated England to come out of Brexit. On the contrary, it soon demands “new international trade agreements – he concludes – with what this will mean for the movement of goods and people, as well as new rules for imports and exports”.

Images: London Fashion Week

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