Jaguar Land Rover to fire 500 redundant employees in England

Jaguar Land Rover licenzia: in Inghilterra i primi 500 esuberi

They have eventually put words into action. After announcing 4,500 redundant positions worldwide, Jaguar Land Rover have actually started cutting jobs. The very first workers who are going to be dismissed will be the ones in the manufacturing plant based in Halewood, Merseyside, England.

Day shifts only

The top managers of JLR, controlled by Indian Tata Motors, estimated redundant employees, in Halewood plant, to amount to 500 units. Therefore, they account for about 10% of the overall staff, composed of nearly 4,000 blue collars and slightly less than 500 white collars. As reported by The Guardian, in the same factory they will no longer work on night shift. Apparently, such decision does not depend on the company’s plan to reduce production volumes: it rather aims at making the manufacturing plant more efficient. While cutting jobs, quite a remarkable number indeed, the company is implementing a plan to reduce overall costs: 2.5 billion pounds.

Outside factors

Tata Motors are striving to reorganize gradually Jaguar Land Rover’s production system. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is facing a very delicate situation. On the one hand, the Brits have to deal with the Trade War that engages the United States and China: customs duties, formerly imposed and subsequently removed, with regard to some commodities, are actually hindering the production of several items. On the other hand, Brexit is also going to affect British economy a great deal. Ultimately, one more issue the automotive industry must deal with is buyers’ attention towards emissions of pollutants and respect for environment. Not to mention customers are changing their habits and attitudes. That can be a valuable opportunity at times. Yet, in other circumstances, it can be hazardous.

Picture taken from Jaguar Land Rover




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