Emilia’s (circular) leather bikinis for Brazilian beaches

Emilia's (circular) leather bikinis for Brazilian beaches

Leather bikinis conquer Brazilian beaches. South American artist Emilia Leal launched a project that combines fashion, circularity and summer. Using tanned leather’s scraps, Leal makes swimwear under her Native Art brand. Her products, as her name suggests, are inspired by indigenous iconography. Part of the production is done by hand, which makes each piece unique. Emilia Leal’s goal is to contribute to the protection of the planet, recovering in her own way the waste of a supply chain, that of leather, which by its very nature plays an up-cycling role.

For Brazilian beaches

Emilia Leal is an artist who loves nature. For this reason, she decided to combine the desire to act in favour of the environment with business. Thus, her Arte Nativa brand was born. Using the leather’s scraps, Leal makes leather bikinis. The patterns and decorations of her products, as msnoticias.com.br reports, reproduce the classic styles of Brazilian natives. Leal also has a collaboration agreement with artisans of the city of Campo Grande, who make the seams.

Each Native Art product is so unique. “I found the artisans I needed in the professionals of Mato Grosso do Sul, who sell their products at Praça dos Imigrantes – she explains -. I have had contact with the natives since childhood, especially with the Wajãpi ethnic group. I was born in Macapá and my origins are tied to the natives. I am also an activist for the indigenous cause, and my paintings are based on their iconography. I maintain partnership with them to pay for and promote their work”.

Careful purchase

“We have to buy products with conscience – she says -. It’s time to reuse and recycle”. Leal’s brand was born from an invitation that Emilia received to participate in the Obá collective, in Campo Grande. At that time, she produced accessories, such as earrings and necklaces. Over time, the idea of ​​bikinis emerged, which soon became her passion. Leal is inspired by Lenny Niemeyer’s models, one of the most famous bikini designers in the country. On July 14, Leal will present her collection.

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