Exercises in Style: it seems that Loro Piana contradicts itself, Bally scatters

Exercises in Style: it seems that Loro Piana contradicts itself, Bally scatters

CEO Damien Bertrand just confirmed to the press that the luxury brand doesn’t need “an actual creative director”. Yet, it appears that Loro Piana contradicts itself. Because according to (unconfirmed) rumors collected by MFF, it has allegedly already engaged Paul Surridge, designer with experience in Roberto Cavalli and Jil Sanders, among others. The position of creative director is always a pressure matter in modern fashion.

A big change: one that from the standpoint of the function itself and the results it achieves (see the end of Alessandro Michele), makes such a profound difference that we decided to dedicate our al n. 1 monthly edition – 2023 of La Conceria, to it. The title of the magazine is “Stilista”. Meanwhile Bally’s move of entrusting a capsule collection to Adrien Brody also gives measure of what is happening in the industry.

Loro Piana contradicts itself

No to Phoebe Philo, but maybe yes to Paul Surridge. When Bertrand quashed rumors over new creative directors, he was talking about the ones of Celine’s ex director joining. “We manage with our own teams, as always”, said the CEO. But, there’s news: MFF claims that, for two weeks now, Paul Surridge has been employed by the brand owned by LVMH. Bertrand’s words were acceptable. We discuss the topic on “Stilista”: not all high-end fashion brands show the need of having a superstar as creative director (for example, LV ‘s menswear went 15 months without a creative director).

But sometimes, brans choose to entrust their collections to famous individuals, even actors and actresses. Bally did it recently, announcing that by the end of the year it will release an apparel and accessories’ collection designed by Adrien Brody. The collection’s looks aren’t known, but the fact that the Oscar winner showed himself at the photo opportunity with a leather jacket goes in his favor.

In photo on the left the CEO of Bally, Nicolas Girotto, with Adrien Brody; on the right Paul Surridge (from Shutterstock)

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