Balenciaga and Arbre Magique to patch things up, perhaps, after casus belli over the brand’s leather key chain

Balenciaga and Arbre Magique are about to patch things up. The casus belli was about a key chain: that is the reason why Car Freshner Corporation and Julius Sämann Ltd, a North American manufacturer of the very popular air fresheners for cars, and the fashion brand, which is part of Kering group, started a legal dispute five months ago. In fact, Balenciaga had made a calf leather accessory, produced in several tints, such as light blue, pink, green and black: its shape was like a small Christmas tree and made it therefore very similar to scents by Arbre Magique. Selling price was 195 euros: the company recorded a sold out. The US company promptly took action against that article. Yesterday, a few weeks later, both firms announced they have been carrying out a legal mediation that should supposedly bring to a mutual agreement; they did not make public the terms of it though. Prior to the legal dispute with Car Freshner Corporation and Julius Sämann Ltd, Balenciaga had drawn attention by making, among several “taunts”, a blue leather big sack which most reminded of the typical large bag manufactured by Ikea, Sweden’s do-it-yourself furniture giant.


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