Fifty Years and Counting: Stefano Ricci and Doucal’s Plans

Fifty Years and Counting: Stefano Ricci and Doucal's Plans

Fifty years and counting. This year Stefano Ricci, and Doucal’s in 2023, will be celebrating their half-century anniversary. The two stories are also united (with due proportion) by the positive business trend and equally good prospects. Stefano Ricci expects to close 2022 at 150 million euros. Doucal’s starts from 15 million euros in 2019 and estimates 20% growth this year.

Ricci in Egypt

Speaking of Stefano Ricci and Doucal’s plans, let’s start with the first one. Which, in the sumptuous event held in Egypt, presented 10 crocodile bags, with gold and diamond straps. And in crocodile is also the very light jacket for men. Stefano Ricci, we said, will close 2022 at 150 million euros (+20% on 2021), returning to 2019 levels. The export share of revenues is 80%. US and Europe offset China and Russia.

The company rationalised its operations during the pandemic. “Creating a brand today is really difficult, there is a lot of competition. But I have always rejected the attraction for big numbers, preferring to bet on quality,” the founder told Fashion Network. “After Covid, the landscape has changed,” added Niccolò Ricci, son of the founder and CEO of the company. “We are experiencing a moment of great opportunity and we expect exponential growth in the next two years”.

In full health

Doucal’s will be 50 years old in 2023. It will get to its birthday in full health. “The company has recorded an increase of 80% from 2020 to today, recovering the turnover lost during the Covid,” the CEO of the Montegranaro-based shoe factory, Gianni Giannini, told MFF. “For the current year, we expect a further performance of +20%, which was our constant trend until 2019”. The year ended with a turnover of almost 15 million euros. The current export share is 60 per cent. Investments in Central and Northern Europe and the Russian market are planned to develop it. In November, the brand will land in Qatar, and the gaze is already set on Japan and North America.




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