Dani doesn’t agree: unfounded news about CIG, the reality is another one

Dani doesn't agree: unfounded news about CIG, the reality is another one

Sorrow, bitterness and the need to explain the situation in detail. Giancarlo Dani, owner of the  homonymous Vicenza-based tanning group, does not stand by and responds to the unfounded news of an alleged redundancy fund emergency that would substantially involve his company. The news, spread in an “unethical” manner and further misrepresented, has rebounded abroad, generating alarm among customers. The reality, however, is different.

Dani doesn’t like it

“It is with great regret”, explains Dani, “that we have learned that the news spread by a small local newspaper in Vicenza which is largely unfounded, is reaching most of our customers all over the world”. A regret that stems from the fact that the Vicenza-based group “like other companies in Italy and around the world, is resorting to the redundancy fund – in the automotive business unit – for the first time in 70 years only due to the pandemic, in a global economic situation in the automotive industry, which involve us as part of the supply chain”.

7% of 630

To manage this situation, therefore, the Vicenza-based group “opted”, continues Dani, “for a reduced redundancy, either by the hour and by the department, which affects very few employees: 40 and in rotation”. A decision that, therefore, “weighs on 7% of a total of 630 employees. The positive meetings held with all the workers involved allowed us to to share the context and the challenges we are facing. And also the initiatives we are implementing to reduce the impact of this situation, in particular by promoting the redeployment of staff to other departments (20 to 30 employees), whenever possible. This is an activity that we carry out on a weekly basis with the trade union representatives in an atmosphere of great cooperation. So much so, that we have been applauded by our customers for having absorbed the drop in orders for the automotive sector”.

In the photo: Dani Group production interiors

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