Lineapelle, special effects in the proposals for summer 2025

Lineapelle, special effects in the proposals for summer 2025

Denim-effect crusts, glitter and shine, crocodile and python prints. Softness, lightness and a careful eye for eco-sustainable solutions. Lots of research and innovation in the proposals for Summer 2025 have been brought to Lineapelle 103 by the exhibiting tanneries. From leather with flakes of mother-of-pearl, created thanks to a special lamination, to processes that make the leather look like a sort of jeans effect, up to machining on embossed surfaces, perforations, laser-work, vintage crinkling.

A desire for lightness

“Lightweight thicknesses, lambskins at minimum specific weight”. It is on this lightness that many of the Solofra-based D.L. Leather‘s customers have focused, as Pietro Lanzara tells us, showing us a padded manufacturing with 0.2 mm leather. “It’s practically a veil. Just flower”. “For the Summer 25 season, we propose crocodile and snakeskin fabrics that are very light and convey the feeling of richness to the touch”, they explain from the Brazilian tannery Courovale.

Vintage and wavy

“It seems to pull a wavy effect, broken paints, elastic, underglass effect”, they add from D. L. Leather. But also a lot of elaborate and experimental workmanship: perforated and lasered for clothing, perforated prints, embossed and matelassé. “Vintage-style laminates, a little worn”, they tell us from the Samanta tannery (Ponte a Egola, San Miniato). “Together with crocodile and python diamond and Molurus prints”.

Special effects for summer 2025

“They loved our denim-effect suede split, with roller-staining”, they tell us from Sciarada (Castelfranco di Sotto). “It was super popular. We had to replace the exposed leather because it was almost exhausted from the samples we had cut out for customers”. Also very popular was the “teddy” effect, a long-haired crust with a soft touch like a teddy bear. Another article appreciated for the touch was a talcum powdered crust with a very deep scribing effect, together with the bright and elegant satin calfskins.


The 103 edition of Lineapelle marks the return of pastel colours in the collections. But there is no lack of sober nuances, from black to brown, basics that always retain their appeal. For summer 2025, there is also room for various shades of gold, silvers, strong colours and more daring and flamboyant colours thanks to the use of foils and metallic effects. For next summer, the Brazilian tannery Courovale is proposing laminated fabrics in a palette ranging from light gold to dark gold, lime and pink, with a prevalence of silver shining.


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