Liu Jo, The White Lotus series and the power of product placement

Liu Jo, The White Lotus series and the power of product placement

How to conquer America with a TV series. This was discovered by Marco Marchi, the owner of Liu Jo, who observed an unexpected flow of customers entering the boutique in Taormina, Italy, while searches for his brand’s products soared in the United States. Searches exclusively online, since the brand has no presence in the stars and stripes market. At least until now, because the entrepreneur is thinking of seizing the opportunity and going to discover America. All thanks to a very lucky episode of product placement.

The power of product placement

It all stems from the American miniseries The White Lotus (visible in Italy on Sky and Now), filmed in Taormina and awarded two Golden Globes in Los Angeles. Some scenes were filmed in the store that the Carpi-based brand has in Corso Umberto in the Sicilian city. Filmed in the true sense of the word, since the boutique was used as a real set and is not a sporadic protagonist of the images.

Conquering the USA

“Not only have sales in Taormina taken off, but many Americans are looking for Liu Jo collections, which cannot be purchased in the USA,” Marco Marchi tells Corriere della Sera. The Carpi-based entrepreneur is thinking of taking the momentum offered by this unexpected opportunity to approach the US market. “Up to now, we have kept away from the United States because for our type of product the competition is maximum. But today,” explains Marchi himself, “we are seriously considering this type of investment”.

In the picture, a screenshot from The White Lotus series

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