Style for accessories and components: no more opulence

Lo stile per accessori e componenti: stop all’opulenza

The chorus for the summer 2021 season is simplification. While the north star guiding every choice made in regard to style, is sustainability. Simplification is the key word around which the guiding lines defined by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee have been built. The opulence of details leaves room for the newly found and linearity, where small components are more essential and “curated”.

Mimetizing accessories

Buckles, locks and chains will not be invisible, nor simply functional. They become an almost unnoticed characteristic of the accessory of which they become a part of, but an important characteristic. Sometimes the small components are “integrated” or camouflaged with the handbag or shoes’ of which they are a part of. They may be covered in leather or imitate the color and surface texture of said material.


Creative research on logos is growing, and buckles are becoming a more relevant object, prevalently made with gold as a main characteristic. Then there are chains, bottoms, thick fringes or eyelets made with resins that cut through brands and words.


Sometimes small components are able to convey new “florescent” colored lights. They can reflect light shades on handbags and shoes, colored with metallic paints that give chains, studs and eyelets a renewed look. Zips are also becoming vehicles for light shades to reflect. Components, at the same time, can also turn into “tech” elements with futuristic designs. 3D printed metallic pieces can be attached to materials, used to make shoe uppers, intertwining with the other materials in a high frequency and geometric game that alternates empty spaces with filled ones.

Natural mood

There is a push towards giving value to natural materials. This is the fil-rouge behind the appearance of wood and paillettes. These are made, for example, with resins from recycled materials. Gaffs, entangled bamboo and wicker, weaving or soft weaves for shoulder straps, bottoms and heels. And more: fringes, tassels and chords of natural colors.

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