PETA’s opportunism: taking advantage of CRV to infiltrate brands

L'opportunismo di PETA: approfitta di CRV per infiltrarsi nei brand

We know, by writing about them we play their game. We should respond with silence. But you need to know your opponent to be able to beat him, says the adage. So it is good to focus on PETA‘s opportunism. The vegan-chic association dot not tolerates that the Coronavirus epidemic overshadows its battles. Instead, it takes advantage of it. PETA announced that it has bought shares of luxury groups, starting with Kering (the parent company of Gucci and Balenciaga, so to speak), and premium fashion. And it is still raising its audience against Levi’s.

PETA’s opportunism

As they boast, “PETA has taken advantage of the stock market crash caused by the Covid-19 epidemic to buy the shares of two dozen fashion brands”. Among the lucky ones, so to speak, there are Kering, we said, but also Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Guess. It is not the first time that the association has done such a thing. Indeed, it is now a tried and tested strategy: buy the minimum stock to participate in the shareholders’ meeting, so to bring your own propaganda within the brands. In recent years they have already done so with Prada, Hermès and Farfetch, for example. Now, we said, PETA takes advantage (in their own words: “take advantage”) of the stock market inflections of an epidemic with very serious health and social implications for its own purposes. If that’s what make them happy.

There is no rest for Levi’s

In this regard, PETA also has Levi’s shares. And to the American denim brand, the organisation addressed a press release with vaguely threatening tones. For at least a year, PETA has insisted that Levi’s give up the use of leather, starting with that used for jeans labels. The brand so loved by metropolitan cowboys has, so far, not picked up the invitation (and we hope it never does). Where’s the threat? The shareholders’ meeting will be held shortly and the animal rights activists thunder: “Levi’s will have to deal with us”. In short, even in the midst of the Coronavirus storm, PETA doesn’t give anyone a rest.

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