LVMH set priorities: customer security and free choice about exotic leather. French say no to PETA

It is a matter of priorities. One of them is customer security, for example. LVMH group have presented Louis Vuitton Echo, a tracker (10 centimeters long, its current selling price is 250 euros) that can be placed in your luggage and subsequently connected to your smartphone app. In doing so, customer will be able to trace his suitcase and will pinpoint its position at any time. Axible, a French company founded in 2007, whose turnover amounts to 2,5 million euros, designed and developed such tool. Louis Vuitton Echo does not employ any GPS technology, but takes advantage of Sigfox network; for the time being, they are going to install it in the Horizon line suitcases. Free choice is one more priority, set by LVMH. Yesterday, as we were telling you about, PETA joined the luxury group’s shareholders meeting to put forth their own protest against the use of reptile skin and ostrich hide. Well, the French company heard out the radical-veg complaints and shrugged, thus responding that they will keep using the above-mentioned materials. Talking about PETA, the association is putting pressure on the editorial staff of the main international dictionaries publishers to persuade them to amend the definition of the term “leather”: they claim that also synthetics should be included in such definition. PETA wrote a letter to Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House (an Anglo-American giant in the publishing industry). We have been submitting, to the same manager, a sensible email to tell him not to yield before PETA’s petition.


Download the letter on your personal computer. You can edit the .pdf file: enter your name on top right. Click on SEND to forward the letter, duly signed, to Penguin Random House: a computerized system will actually send the email. For any queries, please send us an email to


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