Rihanna reveals Fenty’s footwear plan: made in Italy and 100% calf

Focus on six footwear models, all made of leather and fully manufactured in Italy. After opening a pop up store in Paris, Fenty are about to open their second boutique in New York, in the very centre of Manhattan. The newly created fashion house, founded by Rihanna in collaboration with LVMH, will therefore take the opportunity to reveal a few more details about her concept of affordable and contemporary luxury. “I want products to be affordable to youngsters, who possibly save their own money to buy one of them”, pointed out Rihanna while talking to Vogue. For the time being, Fenty are going to present items of clothing, glasses, jewellery and footwear. Looking at shoes, we may elicit Rihanna’s plan and design about her leather product: a slender shaped sandal, full of personality though, made of varnished leather or reptile printed. As for materials, as specified in the label, they will make use of calf leather, while manufacturing is Italian.

In the picture, Rihanna’s portrait taken from her Instagram account


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