Acquisitions are in the air, as financial funds spotlight Carven, Acne Studios and Twinset

If it were a board game, it might be kind of updated and revised Monopoly. Who is buying whom? Moreover, who is selling whom? The fashion system, from suppliers to fashion brands, keeps being spotlighted by financial funds. The news about the latest acquisitions tend to confirm such trend. Three transfers of ownership are potentially feasible. Style Capital investment fund, led by Roberta Benaglia, is playing it again: after buying, a short while ago, 32% of the capital assets of MSGM (which also run the trademark drawn by Massimo Giorgetti), they are allegedly interested in buying out French Carven (on the left), a fashion house currently owned by Asian Bluebell group. On top of that, rumors are that seemingly Style Capital are also “strongly interested” in joining Stella McCartney, which might quit Kering shortly. In Sweden, Acne Studios (in the middle), a fashion house founded in 1997 by Jonny Johansson and Mikael Schiller, apparently appointed, a few months ago, Goldman Sachs to find a suitable buyer. Yet, according to inside sources, they should complete the transfer by next summer. As regards Twinset (on the right), they are close to a corporate reorganization, in terms of shares. Carlyle Group, an American private equity company that bought out, in 2017, Golden Goose Venetian sneakers, have been in control over the brand since 2012. The financial project should be implemented in the second half of 2018.


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