Brazil: handcuffs also for Wesley Batista. The accusation is of insider trading. The defence: “It is State revenge”

After Joesley Batista, Brother Wesley was also arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police. According to the international press, the precautionary measure was taken on Wednesday in the investigation of some divestments of the JBS multinational shareholdings operated by the two managers between April and May, that is when their cooperation with the authorities in the Lava Jato case was not known to the public. They would have made insider trading. With a note in the press, the lawyer of the Batista family, Pierpaolo Cruz Bottini, comments: “The preventive arrest of the two brothers is unfair, absurd and despicable. They have always been available to Justice, witnessing and making available all the required documents. The Brazilian state avails itself of all the means to avenge against those who work with the Justice.”


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