Belstaff “gets back to Britain” as Jab sells the brand to Ineos petrochemical group, who first winks at fashion

Change of ownership for Belstaff. German Jab Holdings group, the owner of the trademark, has sold the brand to British Ineos, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chemicals and oil products. The transfer has not been a plot twist though: in fact, it is part of the fashion brands dismissal plan previously announced by Jab, as their top management wants to focus their business on food and beauty sectors again. Following such announcement, last July they carried out their first transfer as they sold Jimmy Choo brand to US leather goods group run by fashion designer Michael Kors. Conversely the big news is that Belstaff has been purchased by a company which is not pretty much into fashion: “Ineos agreed to buy out Belstaff from Jab Luxury GmbH”, as reported on the website of the petrochemical group, who first gets into the fashion business. The British company also proudly emphasizes that such takeover “will bring the iconic British brand (founded in the UK in 1924) back to Brits”. How about the cost of the transfer? Top secret.


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