Five more companies for Florence, which now focuses on shoes and leather goods

Five more companies for Florence, which now focuses on shoes and leather goods

Gruppo Florence grows. It incorporates 5 more companies and announces that others will arrive by the summer. Today, therefore, the Made in Italy production hub (created in October 2020 by Vam Investments, Fondo Italiano d’Investimento and Italmobiliare), groups together 12 companies. The first seven (Giuntini, Ciemmeci Fashion-leatherwear, Mely’s Maglieria, Manifatture Cesari, Emmegi, Antica Valserchio and Metaphor) have been joined by another five in recent days. In order: CAM from Bergamo (on the left in the photo), Elledue from Arezzo, Frediani from Turin, Pigolotti from Perugia and Parmamoda. All specialised in clothing. The next step is to include shoe and leather goods manufacturers in an aggregative approach that has become the most recent distinctive feature of the Italian leather and fashion supply chain. A trend to which La Conceria will dedicate the next issue of its monthly magazine, due out next week.

5 more companies for Florence

The five new entries together generate revenues of 35 million euro with 300 employees. “In 2021, the turnover of the first 7 was about 145 million euros, with the prospect of reaching 170 million in 2022. With these five new companies, we expect to reach 208 million euros in 2022”, explains Attila Kiss (on the right, in the Imagoeconomica photo), CEO of Gruppo Florence. “But from now, until the end of the year, the group’s perimeter is expected to expand further, with new entries that could also arrive by the summer”, Kiss continues. “In perspective, at the end of 2022, turnover could reach 400 million euros, with a number of employees that will exceed 2,000 people”.

Shoes, leather goods, China

This means that the next companies to join Florence will be larger than the last five. And they could also come from the footwear and leather goods sectors. The latter are sectors in which Florence, as its management has declared, intends to enter by the end of this year. A strategy that undoubtedly generates confidence in the future. “For now,” Kiss told Il Sole 24 Ore, “the slowdown caused by Covid and war is not very significant, and Russian consumers are not able to put growth at risk. Of greater concern is China, which has a potentially strong impact on business. Luckily, the Chinese, after any stop, resume buying with momentum”.

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