Argentina, the automotive supply chain implodes: the groups cut production, up to 15,000 employees at risk

The last to announce interventions on personnel (but not on production levels) is Volkswagen Argentina, the South American division of the German group. 300 employees of the Pacheco plant will work in rotation, receiving 75% of the salary. On the other hand, Fiat Chrysler is feared to be planning robust interventions on the organic plant which, by cutting production at the Ferreyra plant, is preparing to cut off between 250 and 300 workers. Argentinian manufacture is in full crisis, as we have told you several times. According to El Clarìn, the automotive chain is not doing better. There are seven multinationals that have announced cuts: in addition to the aforementioned VW and FCA, there are Renault, PSA, General Motors, Iveco and Honda, too. The industrial crisis is a reflection of the crisis in the domestic market, says the newspaper: in the first two months, while vehicle production was down by 20%, registrations have fallen by 50%. The problem lies with the entire supply chain: the SMATA sector trade union denounces that more than 7,000 jobs have already been lost, while the total layoffs could reach 15,000 at the end of the year.



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