Boarini Milanesi handbag worth €6 million to aid the oceans: which way?

Boarini Milanesi handbag worth €6 million to aid the oceans: which way?

It is a bag made from crocodile leather, gold and diamonds: it is worth 6 million euros. One of its specific aims is to financially support the ocean clean-up and rescue. The leading player of this project is Boarini Milanesi brand, which is due to produce 3 bag samples: manufacturing will require 1,000 hours of work. For each bag they are going to sell, the brand will donate 800,000 euros to a few associations whose activity is mostly dedicated to cleaning up the seas by removing plastic garbage.

Worth 6 million euros

The name given to the model is Parva Mea. It is made from alligator skin. They have embellished the handbag by applying 10 white gold butterflies, four of which are adorned with diamonds and three with sapphires and rare Paraíba tourmalines, totalling over 130 carats. The bag also features a diamond covering clasp. The project has been intentionally designed by Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi (who is the founder of the brand, together with Carolina Boarini) “to recall his father’s love of sea” (his father died when he was a teenager).

Boarini Milanesi

Boarini Milanesi currently manufacture at Casalecchio di Reno, right on the outskirts of Bologna. Each bag requires up to 40 hours of work, carried out by artisans. All accessories are created by using a special three-layer method developed by the fashion house.

In other words, the internal framework is made from vegetable tanned Tuscan leather and lining is generally made from calf leather, whereas for the external side they make use of several refined hides and skins: from the exotic ones (such as alligator, crocodile, python, ostrich, ray and lizard) to calf.

As regards leather dyeing and finishing, they carry out 80% of them in Italy. Each bag is manufactured exclusively on purchase order; on top of that, the name of the buyer will be hallmarked on leather. Just one more amusing fact: during the processing customers can speak directly, on live streaming, to the artisan who is manufacturing their bag.

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