Here comes another one: Vionnet, Zagato and Borsalino create ChimHaeres

Here comes another one: Vionnet, Zagato and Borsalino create ChimHaeres

A new luxury group has been created in Europe. It’s called ChimHaeres Investment Holding and it unites ZagatoVionnetFogal and the majority of Borsalino. Behind ChimHaeres are two main entities: Chimera Abu Dhabi, private equity fund from the city contained in the name, and the second is Haeres Capital, private enterprise founded in 2011 and owner of Borsalino. Philippe Camperio will be the CEO of ChimHaeres, while Giovanni Maria Rossi will take over the role of president. The group’s first objective? To grow.

The creation of ChimHaeres

ChimHaeres Investment Holding is an investment fund that will concentrate its capital to acquisitions and the development of luxury and lifestyle brands in Europe. Initially, the company will be focused on Italy, France, Switzerland and UK. Haeres also managed to get the majority of Italian brand Borsalino inside the fund. Then, it closed 3 acquisitions. First: the majority of Zagato, Italian brand of car exteriors and interiors. Second: 100% of French couture brand Vionnet. Third: Fogal, Swiss tights brand.

Here comes another one

“ChimHaeres incarnates the vision shared by Chimera and Haeres of creating and managing a multi-brand group of luxury and lifestyle brands”, commented Philippe Camperio. “The partnership will invest in unique European assets, applying a proactive approach to management and ownership of the portfolio. This will be done thanks to experts able of enacting the long-term strategy of each company in the portfolio”. The group’s president Giovanni Maria Rossi also added that “ChimHaeres wants to become a key player in the European luxury segment”.

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