In the final stretch: two challengers for Minerva Hub

In the final stretch: two challengers for Minerva Hub

Two challengers for Minerva Hub: Investindustrial and San Quirico are allegedly the investment funds close to enter the capital of the luxury production hub. The goal is to widen the dimensional growth of the company (which will soon communicate its latest acquisitions) and accelerate its development. Rothschild (investment bank charged with exploring the market for new shareholders) appears to be close to finding the right entity and will soon make the name of the new partner known.

Two challengers

Specifically, Investindustrial and San Quirico are the two entities that want to become shareholders of Minerva Hub. The former is led by Andrea Bonomi and was owner of Sergio Rossi, before selling it to Lanvin Group. It was also the financial partner of Zegna, supporting the fashion company through its IPO. San Quirico is the holding controlled by the Garrone and Mondini families, it’s tied to the Erg oil group and 35% of its shares are owned by Australian fund IFM. According to what published by Carlo Festa on Il Sole 24 Ore, US fund Ta Associates is another interested party, but one behind in the race.

Minority new entry?

There is another matter that need clarifying. Matteo Marzotto (in photo from Imagoeconomica), president of Minerva Hub, discussed the search for a minority partner capable of injecting liquidity and develop business. But sometimes financial negotiations start with one goal and reach another. The agreement that will be created will have to confirm that the minority partner will not turn into a majority one.

The hubs’ operations

2023 began with large hubs’ operations. Beside from the one tied to Minerva Hub, Gruppo Florence reached the 22-companies’ mark with the entrance of Ricamificio GS. Hind, meanwhile, will inaugurate on January 20th in Campi Bisenzio, the new site of Gab Group. The latter is part of Holding Moda group, specialized in the creation of leather handbags and accessories.

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