Moreau Paris packs: Ferrero Rosati’s Factory buys it

Moreau Paris packs: Ferrero Rosati's Factory buys it

Moreau Paris packs. Onward sold it to the Tuscan Factory, the company that owns the brand DROMe. The Japanese holding company Onward thus continues in the process of dismembering its fashion business. First it sold Onward Luxury Group, its Italian “arm”. And now, while looking for a buyer for Jil Sander, it concluded the sale of the historic French luggage manufacturer Moreau Paris.

It was the year 1882

The sale of the brand Moreau Paris, according to Fashion Network, took place at the end of November. Founded in 1882, the brand disappeared from the market in the early 20th century, only to be relaunched in 2011 by Ukrainian entrepreneur Fedor Georges Savchenko. Five years later, in 2016, it ends up in Onward’s portfolio which invests to develop it also with the opening of stores, the last of which was last July in Mexico City.

Moreau Paris packs

Now the brand has passed into the hands of Ferrero Rosati (in the box) and his Factory, a Fucecchio company specialising in leather clothing. In addition to the brand DROMe, created by Marianna Rosati, Factory manages a solid outsourcing activity for some fashion brands.

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