10,000 buyers on waiting list for Amberjack shoes. The secret? Leather

10,000 buyers on waiting list for Amberjack shoes. The secret? Leather

They are formal outside and sneakers inside. Hybrid shoes, made by Amberjack, a newly launched American brand, are enjoying a great success. In other words, the waiting list has now reached 10,000 pairs of shoes. What is the secret of such (unexpected) success? Leather. As well as their outline and insole.

Hybrid shoes

Financial analyst Jonathan Peters, founder and president of Amberjack, gathered and called upon a few highly qualified “contacts” to design a new generation shoe model. The aim was to design a model based on “perfect balance between style and comfort – pointed out Peters while speaking to Footwear News –. Generally, comfort is matched with large volume”. The Amberjack shoe model was supposed to be launched on the market before the pandemic. Yet Covid-19 outbreak caused everything to slow down. To some extent though. In fact, at the same time, it has heavily turned shopping demand upside down. It has modified, most of all, the requirements “of young white collars”, who seek stylish and comfortable shoes.

The waiting-list

As a result, even before its launching on the market for sale (at the beginning of November), The Original model, which is the very first one made by the brand, has brought to an over 10,000 pair waiting list.

The secret: leather

They manufacture this shoe model in Felgueiras, Portugal. What is the secret? Its upper, made from 100% high-quality full grain leather. One can read online that leather comes “from one of the best tanneries in the world, which is also a commercial partner of ours. As for raw hides, they are American. We exclusively select and use first choice leather, which is commonly used to upholster luxury car interiors: its top-notch quality is higher compared to the footwear manufacturing one”. The Original is equipped with a special insole created in collaboration with Adidas Boost supplier. It shapes and fits foot thanks to warmth and pressure. Its lining is made from leather as well, whereas the bottom consists of double-density TPU. How about selling price? 179 dollars.

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