The case of M.Gemi, US-based footwear: leather and craftsmanship made-in-Italy, 36,000 people on the waiting list for a pair

The Felize, shoe sold by M.Gemi using Italian leather, has a waiting list that reached 36,000 people for 2018. The Felize is a suede loafer with a rubber sole, and is well liked by the public for its “versatile characteristics, as well as ease, simplicity, and quickness of wear”. Founded in 2015, US-based M.Gemi has Italian roots, and, besides from using made-in-Italy materials, it has an office in Florence, from which the brand controls production, which is entrusted to 15 laboratories. “When we say that the shoes are hand-made, we mean that every shoe is handmade. Everything is the same as in the luxury environment, beside from the price”, said Cheryl Kaplan, Co-founder and President of M.Gemi, during an interview published by Retaildive. According to Kaplan, M.Gemi’s success is due to “the emotional story of the brand, a tight production approach of small lots, scheduled based on information, as well as to having direct relations with customers”. The brand doesn’t publish its balance sheet, but according to estimates made by Business of Fashion, the brand has 50 million USD of revenue in 2017, doubling the sales of the previous year, just as it did in 2016.


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