Aldo is the first environmental zero impact footwear group, claims South Pole, as they cut down emissions and energy waste

Aldo Group, specialized in footwear and fashion accessories, is the first company in the world being certified neutral as to effects on climate. In other words, it is officially considered to be an environmental zero impact business. The company has been given this award by South Pole, an international consulting agency dedicated to sustainability, which praised the efforts the Canadian enterprise has been carrying out while striving to reduce the environmental impact. In fact, throughout 2017 Aldo Group cut down completely their emissions of carbon dioxide, and they are planning to keep up the good work. More specifically, we are talking about emissions of carbon dioxide that come directly from the group’s headquarters and their company cars, as well as from electricity in their stores, supply hubs and other facilities. David Bensadoun, chief executive officer of Aldo Group, remarked that the company started working out their carbon footprint five years ago. Likewise, at the same time they carried out some research to knock it down. They drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which dropped by 33% over five years. Now the group has been further striving to offset the remaining emissions, as they acquired renewable energy certificates (REC) in a few wind farms, placed in Europe and North America, and implemented some hydroelectric projects in China. Aldo set a number of strategies, such as a sustainable campus (recycling and composting plants, charging stations for electric cars, incentives for carpooling, discounted public transport and many other activities), smarter and more sustainable packaging, reduction (-69%) of air transport, led lighting in stores, improvement of the environmental performance achieved by footwear and leather goods factories, community days and voluntary work paid hours for their office employees all over the world. And much more.


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