Ancuta Sarca’s circular project, starting from Nike

Il progetto circolare di Ancuta Sarca che inizia dalle Nike

Ancuta Sarca’s circular project, starting from Nike

Comfort or elegance? Heel shoes or sneakers? Some of the young fashion designers are striving to find a compromise, while playing with shapes and tints and readjusting leather upper shoes. They primarily look for circularity, not just as to research for materials. We shall find out, next spring, about the umpteenth attempt to turn women’s heels comfortable; likewise, we shall see, social networks will possibly foster its online average sales. A case is involving Nike.

Ancuta Sarca’s project around Nike

Ancuta Sarca is a Romanian fashion designer. She likes sneakers a great deal, after buying a lot of them in the street markets and online. Such is her plan: to start up a glam new use of an accessory item, typical of sport wear. While working in her London studio, she first took apart Nike sneakers, and then she reassembled upper parts, by hand, on heels, 3 to 8 centimetres high. The result she obtained is a number of slinging back shoes and long-toe mules. Such mix between kitten heels, bright colours and sustainability turned out to be a great success at London springsummer 2020 fashion shows. Ancuta Sarca’s next accomplishment she is aiming at is to set a large-scale production of that creative recycle. She found the support of an Italian company, which has invested in her project to help her readjust sneakers and assemble them permanently on heels.

Pictures taken from Ancuta Sarca’s Instagram account


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