ANWR’s boom (+56% in 2019) isn’t thanks to accessories 

Il boom di ANWR (+56% nel 2019) non è merito degli accessori

The sporting goods are responsible for ANWR’s positive performance. Moreover, 2019 will be remembered as the company’s boom. But the merit isn’t of the accessories sold. Footwear and leather goods sales slightly decreased during 2019, the 100th anniversary of the company. The group has chosen to focus on its more succesful products with regards to its online sales to end consumers, done via the platform and the control tool Qualibet.

The positive performance

The German group closed 2019 with a revenue increase of 54% (14.6 billion euro) thanks to the development of some financial activities. Detail sales of shoes, sporting goods and leather goods increased by 3% (2.9 billion euro). The footwear department as a whole decreased by 1.5% /1.5 billion euro), while sporting goods as a unit grew by 9.6% (1.3 billion euro). Leather goods, meanwhile, have lost 1.7% (107 million euro).

The activities

ANWR, based in Mainhausen (Germany), is one of the strongest commercial cooperative operations in Europe. The group of companies, organized as a co-op, provides producers and retailers with the chance to be on the marketplace.  Moreover, it improves processes, runs marketing and communication activities for indipendent retailers and provides innovative commercial solutions. National and international brands such as Quick SchuhANWR Schuh and Garant Schuh are also part of the co-op, along with other businesses like leather goods’ manufacturer Goldkrone, the buying association Rexor, which operated in the footwear segment, and others. Moreover, ANWR also offers financial services to its members with DZB Bank and Aktivbank. There are over 5,000 commercial organizations tied to the German co-op (more than 10,000 specialized shops in 20 European countries), which employs around 1,400 people.

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