Buyers are willing to folly as AJ1 OG Dior sneakers are already worth 20,000 euros

Buyers are willing to folly as AJ1 OG Dior sneakers are already worth 20,000 euros

If you search, on, for AJ1 OG Dior, you will see that bids already get close to 20,000 euros. By the way, their worth might keep going up. What is odd with that? Well, the thing is that the model is not for sale yet. Besides that, for example, still we do not know their selling price nor the number of pairs they are about to sell. Yet, sneaker collectors do not really care a great deal about these particulars. After all, right such collectors keep proving to be ready for whichever folly. That applies, once again, to a pair of shoes whose manufacturing is 100% made in Italy, starting from calf leather, which they are (also) made of.

Ready for whichever folly

Indeed buyers were looking forward to these sneakers, made in Italy and created through a partnership between Dior and Air Jordan. It comes as no surprise at all. Yet, now, such wait is also “valuable”. In other words, potential buyers have made plenty of bids as soon as they first saw the sneakers on StockX, a buy-and-sell website. For example, the portal reports about a deal closed at 11,000 euros. Most of all, buyers greedily aim to own a pair of such limited edition sneakers. On top of that, they are fully aware of the fact that their worth is bound to go up in the future. Kind of investment in a safe-haven asset then.

Careful though

Careful though. In fact, AJ1 OG Dior sneakers are not available for sale yet. As recently made public by Business of Fashion, they will be officially for sale, at Dior boutiques, on 1st July 2020. However, buyers have already made up their mind and are well determined: for the records, the fashion brand has already closed the purchase registration list formerly posted on a website they had created ad hoc for the launching. According to experts, selling price might be around 2,000 dollars. Which is quite a considerable price anyway, but nearly pales in comparison to some bids flowing online in the last few hours.

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