Canada Goose firmly focus on shoes and appoint a manager

Canada Goose firmly focus on shoes and appoint a manager

Canada Goose firmly focus on shoes and accessories. The brand, which is well-known for its quilted jackets and apparel, has appointed a manager for such specific purpose: Adam Meek. In November 2018, Canada Goose bought out Baffin, a Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing outdoor and industrial footwear. Purchase price: 32.4 million dollars. At that time, they were already aiming to develop their own footwear product line. No hurry though. “We want to do it in the right way at the right time”, used to say Chief Executive Officer Dani Reiss.

Canada Goose firmly focus on shoes

Baffin, used to comment Reiss at that time, proved to be “an awesome buyout”, which did not imply, though, an immediate participation of the company in the footwear business. “For sure, it is not going to happen next year – he used to point out while speaking to Yahoo Finance Canada –, but it will probably take place in five years. Or halfway possibly”. Adam Meek, who formerly worked at Nike, Lacoste and, more recently, at Sperry, will be playing, at Canada Goose, a new role: namely, footwear and accessories General Manager. As emphasized by Fashion United, he will be supposed to oversee the development and the ongoing implementation of a global strategy focused on footwear; in addition, he will also have to supervise accessory collections.

The comment

Dani Reiss considers Meek appointment as an important step towards a wider product supply: “After placing properly all pillars, we are now closer, more than ever, to achieve our footwear long-term overview. Taking Adam aboard is undoubtedly a paramount factor to turn Canada Goose shoes into something real”.

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