Hit by CRV crisis? Not here: ARCO, Vuitton’s contractor, is hiring

Hit by CRV crisis? Not here: ARCO, Vuitton’s contractor, is hiring

Hit by CRV crisis? Not here. In France ARCO is hiring. The luxury leather goods manufacturer, headquartered in Châtellerault, is enjoying a positive business trend. Such good results are driven by orders submitted by Louis Vuitton, for which they work as a contractor, as much as by the Chinese market recovery. Things are going great indeed: that is why the company is planning to hire several employees with a permanent contract.

Not here

“We suspended our activity on 17 March 2020, like everybody else. We started working again on April 6th with about fifty employees, but our client (Louis Vuitton, editor’s note) kept sending an increasing number of orders until June 19”. On that day, ARCO “stopped short-time work and called back the whole staff”, commented chief manager Pierre Réau while talking to lanouvellerepublique.fr. The Chinese market recovery mostly drove such working activity. “Since China has successfully overcome the health crisis, sales are rapidly picking up again”, also emphasized the manager.

ARCO is hiring

Thanks to this good trend, ARCO hired 53 new employees, with a permanent contract, from the beginning of October to present. “Yet, we will take on up to 100 workers by the end of the year”, remarked Réau. Yet he also stressed the fact that the company is dealing with some issues anyway. “The most difficult thing is to recruit people ready to work here – continued the manager –. We are always on the lookout for work staff to be trained”. The company arranges educational and training courses in their own premises: they provide 20 employees with full training every 10 weeks.

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