Chanel buy out again: it is Ballin Shoes’ turn now

Chanel buy out again: it is Ballin Shoes’ turn now

Chanel keeps going shopping in Italy. This time the acquisition is about Ballin Shoes, a well-known footwear manufacturing company based in Riviera del Brenta. According to local sources, the French fashion house has bought out the majority share of the production branch run by the historic shoe-making factory based in Veneto. Therefore, Ballin brand will keep running autonomously and its ownership will still be taken by founder family.

It is Ballin Shoes’ turn now

In a press release, issued by Chanel and reported by MF Fashion, the fashion house “confirmed they have taken a majority shareholding in Ballin company”. According to local sources, the buyout deal will supposedly concern, to be more precise, the corporate branch which oversees the manufacturing section related to Ballin Shoes. In fact, a few years ago the company from Veneto separated the brand from production by creating Nillab. Therefore, Ballin brand will keep running autonomously.

Closer suppliers

While taking such step, Chanel has enhanced its supply chain industry. “Chanel is one of Ballin’s top clients. The reasons why we have made this decision lie in converging interests”. Among others, for example, Ballin’s need to rely on a sound partner, capable of providing the company with long-term visibility”. Besides that, “Chanel’s intention of enhancing the supply industry, which proves essential to its own activity as much as to luxury overall”. As pointed out in the press release published by MF Fashion, Chanel has confirmed that “Ballin will keep collaborating with all its customers”.

Ballin Shoes

Shoe-making factory Ballin was founded in 1945 by two brothers, Guido and Giorgio Ballin, driven by passion and outlook. The company has been traditionally headquartered in Fiesso d’Artico. Nowadays, the company is led by Gabriella, Reanna and Alessandro, sons of the founders, together with son-in-law Roberto Barina. Ballin currently hires 200 employees, while its manufacturing capacity, on annual basis, is 250,000 pairs of shoes a year. They sell shoes both in Italy and abroad.

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