Lineapelle 100, the hype rises: sustained adhesions and style projects

Lineapelle 100, the hype rises: sustained adhesions and style projects

That the next edition of Lineapelle (exhibition that is an active part of the trade fair circuit promoted by Confindustria Moda), scheduled from on September 20-22, 2022, carries with it a very special value, as we have already written and shared several times. After all, it is the 100th edition, which, as we read in a note, represents “a significant milestone that is the exact opposite of a point of arrival: it is a renewed starting point“. In other words: no celebration of (one’s) past and eyes firmly set on the future. The future of the luxury and fashion supply chain; of leather, materials, accessories and components; of style. Here, then, that four months after its launch, Lineapelle 100 opens the dances. A necessary choice, because the hype for the next edition is already very high. As demonstrated by the sustained adhesions from exhibitors and a series of new style projects.

Sustained adhesions

“Four months after the opening of the booths at Fieramilano Rho,” writes Lineapelle, “the number of exhibitors who have confirmed their presence, arriving from almost 40 countries around the world, has already exceeded the total (960) of the previous edition (February 2022). Which coincides with “a reassuring sign of vitality for a trade fair that, in the light of its slogan Back to the Next, starts from its leadership to launch its innovative and sustainable challenge to the future. A challenge that will experience an important preview in Manhattan, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, where Lineapelle New York will take place on July 13-14″.

New style projects

Lineapelle 100 “will present the Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 trends. Its creative and stylistic custom will find a further means of enhancement thanks to the collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. CNMI, in fact, on the same dates as Lineapelle (September 21-27), “will host Spring/Summer 2023 Milan Woman Fashion shows” while “Lineapelle will host at Spazio Lineapelle (Palazzo Gorani) the fashion shows and performances of some young emerging designers”.

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