Cosmopolitan celebrates leather (even small) advantages

Despite much walking, since last year, leather is still as beautiful as it used to be on the very first day. Such is the report of Lauren Adhav, a Cosmopolitan journalist, while telling about her experience with a pair of leather white Keds shoes, which she bought twelve months ago: “Nearly one year later they are still magically shiny”.

Leather, rather than fabric

Keds, a renowned US brand, founded in 1916 and currently owned by Wolverine Worldwide, manufactured the shoes Adhav has been wearing. Their core model is classic Champion, which is the best-selling canvas sneaker on the footwear market. Yet, since a short while, Keds have been also producing a leather model, which is right the one purchased by the American columnist. “I always wear training shoes, especially in a place like New York City, where you have to get in and out of subway stations, get on and off stairs and escalators, skip weird liquids on sidewalks and protect your feet from overall garbage, dirt and mice crawling in the street – she wrote –. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep one’s shoes clean and polished, especially white shoes”.

Leather advantage

Yet, it was an easy game with leather. “Since its material is smooth, it is rather simple to remove any possible stains”, pointed out Adhav, while emphasizing, at the same time, that leather is not stiff, but “soft and flexible, not to cause any painful blisters”. Well, leather is perfect not only for top luxury footwear along fashion catwalks, but also for everyday strolls. Even in New York City, along its hard streets and avenues.


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