Deichmann, 178 million pairs sold during a “complicated, yet positive 2018”. External capital? “Vade retro”

“2018 was a complicated year for Deichmann that, regardless of the difficulties, managed to grow. Comparable sales were stable (+0.1%). The number of stores increased (4,053 against 3,989) along with online retailers (40 against 36): these factors allowed the German group to sell 178 million pairs of shoes (+1% on 2017) and have 5.8 billion euro of revenue (+2%). Export is worth 60%. The company sold 3,6 million pairs of shoes in its circa 70 stores in italy. Deichmann employs 40,698 people around the world (568 in Italy): 1,134 more in comparison to 2017. “2018 was a very challenging year for the fashion retail segment in Europe, particularly due to the constant heat”, commented Heinrich Deichmann, president of the company’s board, who added: “Even in these conditions, we maintained the Group stable and registered growth, in counter-tendency compared to the rest of the business in the segment, thanks to a solid e-commerce and omnichannel strategy”. Forecasts for the future are bright, thanks to the launch of the brand in China (via the T-Mall Global platform), in the Middle East (the opening of a store in Dubai is planned for the summer), Estonia, Lettonia, and the expansion inside the USA via the largest acquisition the company has ever made: Kicks USA. Heinrich Deichmann has also closed the doors to any outside capital: “We are an independent group and will remain a family-run business”. The only shadow casted on the brand comes from analysts’ projections, as they expressed perplexity over the brand’s potential to grow more.

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