Dior opens men’s shoe and sneakers factory in Fossò in September

Dior opens men's shoe and sneakers factory in Fossò in September

Dior is relying more and more on Italian production. So much for a return to France! The LVMH-owned brand is opening a new production plant in Fossò this September, dedicated to men’s shoes and sneakers. The factory will be located opposite the one that produces women’s shoes.

Dior opens in Fossò

“We intend to develop shoes and bags in Italy,” Pietro Beccari, CEO of Dior, told Corriere della Sera last March. Now, words are being followed by deeds and investments. The brand is strengthening its production capacity, developing partnerships with subcontractors, and inaugurating its own facilities. This is the case of the first factory dedicated to men’s shoes and sneakers which, according to Fashion Network reports, is due to open in September in Fossò, Veneto, right opposite its site dedicated to women’s shoes and where 170 people work.

Italian roots

Also in Veneto, Dior owns a leather goods workshop in Caselle di Selvazzano (Padova). And by the end of the year, it should inaugurate “a new logistics, distribution and materials control centre” in Padua, as Beccari told Corriere della Sera. Not only Veneto. Because the French maison has other investments in Italy. It has two leather goods workshops in Naples, another in Florence and a bag factory in Lugagnano Val D’Arda, between Parma and Piacenza. And recently, it signed a partnership with entrepreneur Antonio Filograna Sergio creating, in Casarano, Apulia, Manifattura Salento AF, dedicated to handbags.

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