Dr Martens to augment British manufacturing meanwhile: Wollaston factory is due to produce 165,000 pairs in 2020

Dr Martens announced they are planning to considerably augment the manufacturing in the United Kingdom within spring 2020. According to such plans, the brand will produce 165,000 pairs of shoes and boots a year in the manufacturing plant based in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, where they currently make around 70,000 pairs. The company is going to invest 2 million pounds, and will also create a Centre for Visitors, to drive them around in a company tour and show them the factory inaugurated in 1901. Kenny Wilson, Dr Martens chief executive officer, pointed out: “This investment proves to confirm, once again, our consistent commitment to Northampton alongside our support to the heritage of Dr Martens brand. We are very proud of our history and we are proud of Northampton: this town played a relevant and meaningful role in the business development of our brand, that is why we want people to come here and see it personally. Our current investment also highlights the successful performance of our product line made in England”.



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