Expo Riva Schuh, final day. Leather to upgrade sneakers, which are everywhere

Sneaker is the footwear queen. You find them everywhere: for women, for men, variously colored, made with materials that highlight contrasts. At Expo Riva Schuh, on its 90th edition, they celebrated the supremacy of sneakers, therefore neatly confirming the increasingly positive market trend. Good opening for Gardabags, the exhibition area dedicated to bags and accessories, where woven fabrics and bright shades, such as purple, fuchsia, yellow, blue and red, mostly drew the visitors’ attention. The event aims to complete the fair supply, therefore meeting demand and needs put forth by total look, which goes hand in hand with hectic paced fast fashion. They focused on this issue during the opening talk, which took place on Saturday. For the records, such hectic pace also depends on fast changing weather: “We quickly moved from boot to sandal – pointed out Katia Maritan, marketing manager at Dossobuono di Villafranca (Verona) shoe factory -. While talking to customers, we spoke much about price, as we did in the previous editions as well”. Many visitors look for high quality products, at affordable price though. At the exhibition you could find a lot of quality indeed: leather has been gaining ground considerably, especially in the Italian stands, even though, of course, its manufacturing costs are higher, compared to other materials and products. “We are striving hard to upgrade quality”, remarked Paolo Tessarin, managing director of United Brands Company (UBC), headquartered in Quinto Vicentino (Vicenza). Standards are going up then. Is that going to create a gap?


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