Fashion: how brands respond to Coronavirus

Tod’s have shut down for 5 days, while Fendi are about to open again their footwear manufacturing plant based in Porto San Giorgio (in the province of Fermo). Gucci are closing their stores and factories for a week, whereas Louis Vuitton keep them open. Such is the effect of Coronavirus outbreak on the production strategies implemented by fashion brands. Let us see how brands are responding to Coronavirus emergency.

Tod’s stop for 5 days

Tod’s group sent out a newsletter, which dates to March 11, to inform suppliers about the company’s decision: from Thursday, March 12, until Monday, March 16, all Italian manufacturing plants will stop their activity. Factories are due to open again, on a regular basis, next week on Tuesday. The group has already allocated a fund (managed by the company itself) in favour of employees and their families, “to support needs related to Coronavirus emergency”. Tod’s assume that the company’s employees and their families will manage, during the closing days, to reorganize their lives and deal with the new regulations issued by government.

Fendi open again

On the contrary, Fendi opted for a different choice in their factory situated in the province of Fermo. They closed the manufacturing plant, based in San Giorgio, for a few days in order to have facilities properly sanitized. They reopened the factory on March 11: the plant is now running at full speed while complying with workers’ safety and health standards. Fendi are already striving to enlarge it and, therefore, boost production.   

Gucci stop production for a week

The fashion house of Kering group is going to stop production activities for 7 days. As reported by the Corriere Fiorentino Gucci are going to stop for a while. Likewise, as reported by Fashion Network as well, the fashion brand’s manufacturing plant, based in Tuscany, is due to suspend work activities until March 20th. They have shut down stores in Italy for a few days, to abide by the decree issued by government.

LVMH choices

Conversely, Louis Vuitton manufacturing plant, located in Fiesso d’Artico (in the province of Venice), will keep running. For the records, the luxury group announce that all LVMH production sites, based in Italy, will carry on with their manufacturing as well. The French luxury giant currently runs its activity in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont, where they hold a number of brands, such as Berluti, Fendi, Bulgari and Celine. They have implemented, in each factory, some measures to ensure workers’ safety, while fully complying with the decree issued by government. Among others, work shifts will increase in order to limit the number of artisans working simultaneously in the labs. Besides that, such measure will also enable people to keep a security distance, for precaution.

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