From Bergamo to New York, from helmets to shoes: Kask buys Vogel

From Bergamo to New York, from helmets to shoes: Kask buys Vogel

From helmets to shoes. Bergamo-based Kask buys Vogel, the Manhattan brand that has produced custom business shoes and horseback riding boots since 1879. The operation is part of an expansion plan that the Italian company is enacting to widen its activities in the world of fashion. Kask has been present in the USA since 2010 with an operational base in North Carolina.

From helmets to shoes

Kask was created in 2004 by Angelo Gotti. The company manufactures helmets for cycling, skiing, and horseback riding. The brand quickly became a leader in the segment, and the growth brought Kask to open a new operational base in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2010. Now the acquisition of Vogel, as reported by, showcases the brand’s growth plan, which consists of increasing its presence in the fashion world. Kask also plans on collaborating with known brands in the segments, as it did in the past with Moncler, Paul Smith and Zegna. Vogel was opened in 1879 in Manhattan, by a shoemaker of German origin and it makes custom business shoes and horseback riding boots. It’s now managed by the 5th generation of the family.

The comment

“We have known Vogel for many years. We appreciate the value of their shoes: craftsmanship that aims at an extremely high-quality product, whether it’s horseback riding boots or business footwear for successful New Yorkers – commented Diego Zambon, general manager of Kask -. The choice to acquire such an important brand came after our evaluation of the shared history we have, specifically the value of the regionality of the product and the continuous search for product excellency”. The acquisition will be followed by the opening of a new showroom in Manhattan with “production visible to the public”. “It will be an atelier where customers can access a homey and familiar environment in an exclusive and reserved manner. It won’t really be a true showroom”, concluded Fabrizio Perinelli of Kask America and now brand manager of Vogel.

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