In France, brands and manufacturing meet on Faire De Lance

 In France, brands and manufacturing meet on Faire De Lance

In France it is called Faire De Lance (FDL). It is the platform that brings together brands and manufacturers of the leather supply chain. Objective: to mobilise and revitalise the industrial activity made in France. But also groped to trigger a productive re-shoring mechanism and, with a longer-term vision, renew and re-industrialise the sector. Finalised in September 2019, Faire De Lance is becoming operational with the first 3 pilot projects taken over. 2021’s goal: to support 50 projects.

Faire De Lance

“There is still a lack of connection between supply and demand, between creative brands and production workshops in the leather goods and footwear sectors”, underlines Jean-Pierre Tolo, president of FFM (Fédération Française de la Maroquinerie), which promoted the project. FDL “will guide the first steps of the brands, and will go even further”, adds Régis Feuillet, president of FFC (Fédération Française de la Chaussure). In practice, the Faire De Lance platform will support the various actors in the design phase by offering a series of services . For example: procurement of components and/or materials, technical support, cost reporting. For 2021, FDL will have a 160,000 euros budget, financed 70% by CTC (Comité Professionnel de Développement Économique de la filière Cuir, Chaussure, Maroquinerie, Ganterie) and 30% by trade associations of leather goods, footwear and tannery.

The relaunch goal

“Those who join the project will be able to contribute to the revitalisation of our industrial sector and its ecosystem. And, more generally, to the reconversion of the medium-high-end footwear and leather goods industry in our territory”, sums up Frank Boehly, president of CNC (Conseil National du Cuir). FDL aims to build a network made up of schools, higher technical institutes, university structures, technological platforms and training centres.

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