“I love the smell and Italian factories”: Tourniaire-Beauciel, leather, and the shift in direction toward sneaker made by Clergerie

Robert Clergerie opens a new boutique in Paris. And how does he celebrate the event? With a new line of sneakers called Collezione 326, designed by his new creative director, David Tourniaire-Beauciel, who has been holding the position since the past June. The new boutique, which will open on the famous Rue Saint-Honoré, street number 329, will host the new collection 326, also available for purchase online. The different shoes models represent a preview of the brand’s new Spring-Summer 2018 collection, mixing classic materials with innovative ones: raffia, leather and lycra. “I aim at bringin to France the expertise I gained in Italian shoe-factories. I am made to be in factories: I love staying there, I love the smell of leather, the glue, I love the noises that machinery at work makes, factories are the ideal place to find solutions, pass on the ideas I want to make a reality, and an ideal place to understand who we really are”, said Tourniaire-Beauciel to FootwearNews.



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