Luxury isn’t stopping, Leo Shoes takes advantage and reaches 200 million

Luxury isn’t stopping, Leo Shoes takes advantage and reaches 200 million

A revenue that, in 2021, surpassed the 200-million euro mark. “Because luxury isn’t stopping – explains the CEO of Leo Shoes Antonio Filograna Sergio -, and we continue to work to consolidate the relations with our clients and offer services”. The owner of the company based in Casarano, from which it captured the attention of international fashion, analyzes its numbers. And, as mentioned before, Leo Shoes takes advantage.

Luxury isn’t stopping, Leo Shoes takes advantage

Leo Shoes recorded a revenue of 211 million euro in 2021, against the 147 of 2020: 44% more. “In April of this year we had sold 40% less in 2019, but thankfully we were able to recover during the second half of the year. Production lines remained on pause for 1 month and a half, but then we managed to save the situation and almost break even. Today Leo Shoes’ revenue for 2021 has confirmed a growth bell above the market’s average – explained Antonio Filograna Sergio -, given that the turnover growth for the fashion system was of +22%”.

Beyond difficulties

“We surpassed the difficulties of the lockdown with these numbers – he continues -. Today the main issues are the increase in energy prices and the war in Ukraine. I hope this situation resolves itself as soon as possible, but the luxury market deals with the whole world, with contexts capable of surpassing these challenges”.

Over two million pairs

With regards to Leo Shoes production, the brand manufactured 2,141,623 pairs during 2021, up 45% on 2020, “made on 12 assembly internal lines”. The company has also increased its workforce, going from 735 to 767 employees from 2020 to 2021. During the first three months of 2022, revenue behaved positively, with an additional 30% on yearly base: 57.2 million euro against 43.9 million. In terms of volume, it went from 441,000 to 532,000 pairs. Numbers that go hand-in-hand with Filograna’s work with the leather goods’ segment: “It’s a n interesting world. We plan to follow its development”.

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