The US doesn’t stop: leather exports continue to grow

The US doesn’t stop: leather exports continue to grow

Exports of US leather continue to grow in volume and value. It’s true for both raw hides and semi-finished products. For the first, the increment compared to the January-February 2021 is of 30% in volume and +34% in value. For the second, the increase is +10% in volume and 19% in value. The reason behind the trend: Italy and the rest of the world are back to buying in a decisive and structural manner.

US leather continues to grow

During the first two months of 2022, says LHCA, the USA have sold tanning material worth 4.96 million pieces of leather, generating 154.3 million USD. Both results are up from the same period of the previous year, when the country sold 3.83 million pieces of leather for 115.2 million USD. The increase is of about 30% in value and 34% in volume. The most important market remains the China and Hong Kong one, which has purchased 2.87 million hides (+14%) for 92.5 million USD (+29%). Italy grew by 131% in terms of volume and by 144% in value.


Positive data also shows that semi-finished products are gaining ground at the start of the year. Between January and February, the USA sold 599,895 pieces for 63.3 million USD, against the 545,790 sold between January/February 2021 that generated 53.3 million USD in revenue. The increase in volume is equal to +10%, while in value it’s +19%. The main player, in this instance, is Italy.

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